The New Educational Pod from MALA Rooms

The MALA Educational Pod is specifically designed to uphold the elements of a recent study of students undertaken by University College London. This study clearly stated that the environment the students were taught in had a significant impact on their academic performance. Key factors that impacted on overall student progress were; air temperature, acoustics, and CO2 concentration and daylight.

MALA Educational Pods factor into their design all elements that create an environment that has a decisive impact on academic performance and wellbeing of a student.

The Traditional Porta Cabin

Historically the traditional porta cabin has fulfilled a need where additional classroom space is needed. In reality it is not particularly habitable, conducive to learning and usually costly to heat or keep cool.

MALA Educational Pods are built to enhance air temperature, acoustics, CO2 concentration and daylight. Daylight has the highest impact on overall student progress.

Studies show that traditional porta cabin design does not uphold the needs of an ‘outdoor’ classroom if it is to enhance a students academic progress.

The Traditional Porta Cabin

‘Natural light positively contributes to a higher academic performance in reading as well as in science. It also supports attention, the stability of the circadian cycle and overall health, mental health and comfort, which in turn, leads to better academic performance.’


Smart Construction

  • We deploy modern methods of construction (MMC)
  • Our structures are built to last a lifetime
  • Fast construction
  • Steel ground screws foundations allows MALA Pods to be sited anywhere in the school grounds and relocated as necessary
  • Our rooms are built to be energy efficient and low maintenance
  • MALA Pods can be configured or constructed to any shape or size
  • Add smart WC’s and Cloakrooms if required

Smarter Environments

  • Our rooms are built to enhance academic productivity 
  • Our rooms are built to enhance wellbeing 
  • A MALA educational environment focuses on natural daylight, consistent temperature control and acoustics 
  • An environment that feels like you are in a classroom in the main building
  • An educational environment built to support academic progress


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