MALA Commercial are the Business to Business arm of the MALA Group. Our ethos is to construct more economically, faster and more durable by using the latest construction methods. MALA Commercial has five divisions operating UK wide.

MALA Balconies & Terraces

Class A Rated Supply and Installations
We are the specialists when it comes to replacing combustible materials with non-combustible materials for balconies and terraces on both mid and high rise buildings. MALA Balconies & Terraces provide a wide range of Class A Rated, non-combustible decking, paving and grid systems from the UK’s leading manufacturers. 

MALA Educational Areas

Modern Additional Learning Areas 
MALA Educational Pods are built to enhance air temperature, acoustics, CO2 concentration and daylight. Daylight has the highest impact on overall student progress.  MALA Educational Pods factor into their design all elements that create an environment that has a decisive impact on academic performance and wellbeing of a student.

MALA Solar Foundations

Fast Steel Solutions
MALA Solar Foundations provide a ground screw foundations installation service for ground mounted solar panels. Ground screws also know as ground anchors or helical piers, are a type of foundation system that is quickly becoming the standard for renewable energy companies. MALA Solar Foundations provide a quick, cost efficient and environmentally friend base ready for the solar panel.

MALA Steel Buildings

Versatile Spaces
MALA Light Gauge Galvanised Steel Buildings are Fast, Durable and Versatile commercial solutions. When it comes to efficient construction solutions for a variety of commercial purposes, look no further than MALA Steel Buildings. Our light gauge galvanised steel buildings offer a multitude of advantages over a traditional build scenario. They are ideal for applications such as car storage and garages, stables, workshops, farm shops, and general storage, the list is endless but the application is the same.

MALA Business Hubs

Garden Offices Tailored for Business
If you are a business looking for the perfect place for your team members to work from home, then the MALA Hub one person Garden Office could be just what you are looking for. If you need more room checkout the MALA Hub Plus.

The stylish MALA Hub Office Range of rooms provide the perfect home office space to distance yourself from the daily distractions working ‘in’ your home can present.